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Rethinking residential solar experience

With Strategy and Innovation Workshops helped the client to find new focus. Run user research to find customer pain points and needs. Redesign brand communication and new user experience.   

Research highlights

User Goal 1: long-term investment, self-sustaining home
User Goal 2: decrease monthly costs, 



User interviews and user tests (for the existing solutions)

60-minute long one-on-one moderated conversations with new and previous customers to gain deeper understanding of their attitude, beliefs, desires and experiences. Producing attitude and behavioural insights


User research summary, User Journey


General observations

People read about renewable solutions 6-12 months before the exact purchase and they usually request offer from 3-4 companies.

Customers described the company with the following keywords: professional, up-to-date, correct, trustworthy.

Pain points

They don't understand the difference between brands and certain products, they only see performance as a differentiator parameter.

98% of the users get lost at least once on the current website.

63% do not find the button to request offer.

They don't find the information they're looking for, and get overwhelmed by the information about the products.

Their brand perception is a bit old-fashioned and too "grey".


They want to read educative, useful content about technology and products to better understand the differences.

Want quick and visible way to request offer


They want to understand the process from request to installation.

Strategy & Innovation Workshop Highlights

Goal 1: come up with a new digital strategy direction



Long-term brand goals

Company to be seen as an innovative, trustworthy with a long history. 

Main use cases

Use case 1: Looking for information about product types and brands - educative content is required, which can build primary relationship with customer

Use case 2: Looking for exact solutions - solar panel system calculator, easy to find offers and offer flow, scannable product details, solar panel recommendation engine

Use case 3: Looking for tenders - information about currently available tenders with deadlines and application details

Rethinking how to visualize products and product information

Collecting parameters like warranty, performance, manufacturer country that help users better understand the differences. 

Group customers into product groups and come up with catchy-easy to understand product USPs, e.g.: Who prefers quality, but on budget, Who prefers pioneer technology and performance.

Art Direction & Branding

Frame 54.png

Final UIs

Frame 7.png

Main goal was to better understand user needs and their decision making process and provide a customized shopping experience


  • overwhelming product offer

  • sales funnel doesn't exist

  • not clear company goals with the website and online communication

  • not clear brand vision and USP


By the end of project

  • summerized user needs and pain points based on research

  • brand vision & manual

  • brand and long-term company digital strategy

  • wireframes and UI designs for the website

More case studies

Design Sprint to define product and help viability decision

The client reached out to map out a new feature set within a short timeframe and validate the idea. Replacing endless meetings and guesswork with real work and tangible results.

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