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Based on the design-thinking methodology we’ll work together on defining and implementing your digital vision, by putting your customer in the spotlight. 

Strategic Innovation & Design
Strategy Workshops

Identify strategic problems that your organization faces.

Analyzing it by combining human-centered and business-focused methods and come up with solutions


Intensive collaborative sessions used to solve problems and enable progress on a particular challenge throughout the design timeline

Design Workshops

Using various research methods to gather insights, needs and pain points of target costumers, which can feed the design process.  We also evaluate the designs with usability testing.

UX Research

Based on the wireframes we create pixel-perfect development-ready interface designs, followed with visual elements and illustrations.

UI Design & Illustration

Define brand message and target costumers. Visually conceptualize brand message to establish an emotional impact that generates connection with target users.

Art Direction & Branding

Create a user experience that resonates with the business goals and user needs, answering pain points and struggling moments of users.  

UX Design



Design Sprint to define product and help viability decision

The client reached out to map out a new feature set within a short timeframe and validate the idea. Replacing endless meetings and guesswork with real work and tangible results.

Rethinking residential solar experience

With Strategy and Innovation Workshops helped the client to find new focus. Run user research to find customer pain points and needs. Redesign brand communication and new user experience.   



Trust the process, because it works








Discuss & Iterate
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At Studio Rox we strive to solve real business problems and we are experienced in innovative solutions and user experience that feeds human need to help you succeed.

We combine


To uncover the true reason behind your challenge, the one that is blocking your business's growth. Identifying the best tactics to bring you success.

Innovation & Design

Answering the challenge we merge innovative ideas into a flawless user experience that answers the need of the core audience in today's digital-first world.  

We partner with organisations who want to achieve more and disrupt their industry 

Janos Laszlo - CEO 

We wanted to renew our digital experience for a while. We've received many offers but after a few rounds of discussions we still felt something is missing. Not to mention the disproportionality of value and price. We put the project off for a while when we met with Studio Rox. From receiving the offer to the delivery we received a service that we also want to provide to our customers. Seamless professional planning, project management and delivery in one hand. Studio Rox owns the expertise and methodology which provides a risk-free and fast project delivery. For us the efficiency that we've never experienced before was one of the biggest wins .


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